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nConnect Services
nConnect Services blends consulting expertise and in-house developed software tools to deliver superior results. Our unique technology allows us to solve the most challenging communications problems. We use the right communication method, with the right content, in the right language, to the right customer, and at the right frequency. Using our services, custom campaigns can be architected to meet exact requirements.

The leading campaign management companies focus on new customer lead generation and simple marketing campaigns. Nexstra focuses on supporting the more challenging problem of communicating with existing customers. In these situations, the complexity of the data and the business requirements are significantly more difficult. Often, these requirements are impossible to solve with existing products in the market. Nexstra’s technology and services simplify the challenges associated with communicating with customers.
nConnect Services features include:

Multiple communication methods:

  • email, letters, fax, SMS

Failover capabilities between communication methods

  • bounced emails trigger generating and sending printed letters
  • returned letters trigger generation of faxes

Ability to define complex multi-step sequencing of campaign activities

  • e.g. 60 day, 30 day and 0 day notification sequence
  • different and multiple communication methods can be used in each step

External events can trigger switch to alternate sequence of steps

  • e.g. customer provides updated contact information, email bounces, letter returned,
  • customer downloads product, customer pays renewal fee

Fine level of control over outbound communication volume

  • business rules can control outbound communication volume
    (e.g. limit weekly emails in Korean based on Korean speaking CSR staff levels)
  • volume control can be applied at any time (e.g. CSRs call in sick)

Strong support for dynamic composition of message content

  • full conditional logic for inclusion / exclusion of information
  • parsing of encoded data fields (e.g. part number / license key field)
  • aggregating multiple customer data records into one message

Strong support for dynamic composition of documents to be sent with messages

  • e.g. aggregate customer records into spreadsheets and attach to email or create link in message
  • e.g. generate custom PDF document (e.g. invoice) and attach to email or create link in message
  • on-the-fly document generation based on recipient selected language

Full foreign language support

  • current implementations in all major European, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern languages
    (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian)
  • recipient can view email messages in any language as a web page or they can trigger resending of the email in a selected language

Strong support for handling reseller requirements

  • rebranding communications to reseller’s branding
  • aggregating customers records together into a spreadsheet and sending as attachment or link
  • including reseller contact information based on lookup tables

Strong support for handling the complexities of delivering license keys

  • configurable business rules for how license keys are delivered
  • e.g. if number of files limited, then attach the files to email message
  • e.g. if too many files, zip the files and attach the zip file
  • e.g. if too many files, create a table with license description and links to the files
  • e.g. if too many files, create link to a web page that contains information and links to the files
  • various methods available for securing links to license key files

Client care portal to find, view, update and resend communications

Strong support for meeting the unique requirements of Japan