Almost all industries have the need to communicate with customer, vendors, partners and shareholders. Nexstra’s communications platform and 
service can be used in any scenario where critical communications are needed. Legal, Technology, and Manufacturing are key industries where we excel.


Legal Industry
Legal departments and legal firms are regularly conduct critical communication projects for legal matters such as acquisitions, mergers, recalls, and product notifications. Successfully executing a project can be complex given tight deadlines and regulatory requirements. When global notifications are required, complexity and difficulty increase dramatically. In most cases, the skill set, staff availability, and tools are neither in place nor readily available. Nexstra’s nConnect service provides the solution to these challenges.


Technology Industry
Technology companies must conduct a wide variety of critical communications projects with their customers, partners and vendors. These include programs such as version upgrade notifications, end-of-life notifications, maintenance / subscription renewals, product issues alerts, and rewards programs.


Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing faces a variety communication challenges. These include engineering change notices, safety notices, and safety recalls. nConnect's flexible architecture and intellectual property enables us to meet practically any requirement. The key difference between Nexstra and traditional Customer Communications Management system is our ability to quickly implement complex custom solutions.

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